My TIIDELab Experience 2.0 (Second Month).

TIIDELab Fellows Lagos Cohort 2

You can’t just sit there and wait for people to give you that golden dream. You’ve got to get out there and make it happen for yourself.” Diana Ross

Life is not a bed of Roses, there’s no shortcut in the road to Success…

These are my core beliefs as I made it to the second month in my TIIDELab Journey to becoming a Software Developer.

By the end of the first month, I have already understood that this Developers BootCamp is Unique compare to others we have in the city.

The management understood the importance of soft skills in other to have a successful career as a software Developer.

They already know that anybody can sit back home and learn how to write a code… as such they stepped up to solve the problems of being just a jack that writes code.

A Memorable Day For TEAM B as we Won The Soft-skill Competition and Produced the Head of the House

I want to Emphasize that this Cohort Is Divided into Two Key Components and each one of them added together to make a great career in Sofware Development.

Technical Skills and Soft-Skills. read patiently and discover how I unveil the importance of the two Skills

On the Technical Skills: (JAVASCRIPT)

Mr. Ibrahim Kehinde(CEO, Ksolutions Ltd, Abuja), A.K.A, Mr. Kenny introduced us to Vanilla JavaScript i.e. pure JavaScript without frameworks or libraries. I have actually written some codes that worked with javascript before without a proper understanding of the language concepts and functionality.

JavaScript made easy By Mr.Kenny.

Our first week in September was an advanced concept in variables, strings, string literals, and Conditional statements… by the end of it, Mr.Kenny gave us the assignment to write a program to simulate MTN, Glo, Banks, or any other service providers to alert customers on which service to select with respect to any number selected using a conditional statement. By the end of this exercise, I was so euphoric to simulate such payment services that can prompt users to enter their input comfortably.

During the second week: We dived deeper into functions and conditional statements spreading across switch statements and string literals. It ended with a task to build a simple Calculator that takes Logic to solve Multiplication, Addition, Subtraction, and Division. this was another exciting task and another opportunity to practice what I have learned.

The third week: This was the week we started applying the concept of programming to Our professional Projects.

In TIIDELab We were divided into different groups each given a professional solution to build. My group is building a digital marketing tool.

This week three came with an advanced array learning with a view to creating a user’s dashboard. we finally were able to simulate users' profiles then using chrome local storage to store our users' profile info and get them whenever we need them provided you used the chrome as your browser.

By the end of this task, Mr.Kenny asked us to implement it in our projects. At this point, I began to feel like a javascript Ninger.

The fourth week was yet another remarkable moment. We were taught DOM Manipulations. this is what made Javascript the master of web development. as such it is a key component of javascript you must learn.

I was able to create some HTML tags and used (Numerous get Element methods to manipulate the functions.)

By the end of the learning, we were given another task to implement in our projects which are to create a search button that Helps users search on the appropriate page and be able to find what they want.

Also, we did how to drag any image or item and drop in a particular area of the dashboard. this particular part is peculiar to my team because our project has a dashboard where a user can brand his business by using our branding template just with drag and drop, they can create logos, flyers, banners business cards best suit their businesses. I can say that TIIDElab has made me a better Javascript developer.

On Soft-Skills learning: (What Separate you from a Jack Developer)

Left: MR PK. Right: Mr. shamsudeen

We usually have a compulsory Friday physical meet up classes. This component of our training as I mentioned before is as super powerful as the Technical part. Mr. Shamsudeen Aderoju and Mr. Pishikeni Tukura are the coordinators of our physical meetup. these great guys in addition to other Guest who is Senior senior Software Developers and Senior business Analytics have also spoken to us about the right Problem-solving skills and mindsets we need to have as we embark on this great IT career.

During one of our Soft-skills section.

The soft skills are demonstrated by Drama, Craft making, Debate and always end with Head of the House Competition.

I know words can never be enough to appreciate TIIDElab for this Selfless Sacrifice to make us a better Software Developers and Self Reliance youths.

Mr.Kadiri Salami (The CEO of Visisted us on 2nd October 2020…

Thank you The CEO of TIIDElab Mr. Kadiri Salami(CEO/Founder TIIDELab) and all his amazing teams who made this program a success.

I will forever be grateful!…

In case you missed my first month article please click here My TIIDElab Experience 1.0 (First Month)

Stay tuned for the next episode!.




Chinedu Samuel is a Junior Software Developer with a solid understanding of HTML advance CSS and Sass. He also has Intermediate knowledge of JavaScript, Nodejs.

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Chinedu Samuel

Chinedu Samuel

Chinedu Samuel is a Junior Software Developer with a solid understanding of HTML advance CSS and Sass. He also has Intermediate knowledge of JavaScript, Nodejs.

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